Optishower integrated solution helps hotels achieve operational excellence, decrease water and electricity consumption and ensure the highest level of guest satisfaction.

Energy Benchmarking

Online Monitoring

Online monitoring of water and electricity consumption in buildings using connected-sensors

Data Analytics

Smart Maintenance

Big data generated by connected sensors are analysed and used for smart maintenance planning

Cost Prediction

Innovation Business Platform

Our innovation platform lets the costumers to enjoy plenty of rewarding by reducing their water and electricity consumption. This leans to increasing the profit margin of the business.


Our innovation offers a single smart platform that ensures your hotel is connected, sustainable, comfortable, efficient, and safe.

With Optishower,
your hotel is
Efficient, and Safe.

Climate change and water scarcity are among biggest challenges of 21st century. Population, growth and over consumption are among reasons for water supply challenges in cities. There should be innovative approaches to solve these new challenges. Current solutions are usually technological-based lacking active user engagement. Optishower technology encourage pro-active engagement of costumers to reduce use of water and energy. Moreover, using IoT integration, it measures and meters the consumption and provides rea-time information.


Energy Benchmarking

Online Web Dashboard

Online monitoring of water and electricity consumption in buildings using connected-sensors. Through this service, general managers and technicians can track water and electricity consumption and receive alerts about water leakages and electricity abnormalities.

Data Analytics

Smart Maintenance

This module combines big data generated by the connected sensors with historical data of water and electricity consumption of different spots in the building and therefore is able to suggest smart periodical maintenance plan. it could predict the risk of future malfunction or damages to the building infrastructure of water and electricity. This module supports risk management of the building.

Cost Prediction

Integrated Rewarding System

The consumption of costumers are connected to loyalty points of the hotel and they are notified to receive vouchers and discounts through online dashboard and free app.




Dormitory of Nova University of Lisbon, (Oct. 2016) - Caparica, Portugal.

Hotel Vila Gale Opera, (Oct. 2016 - Dec. 2016) - Lisbon, Portugal.

Hotel vila gale Estoril, (July 2017 - Oct 2017) - Estoril, Portugal.

Hotel Pestana CR7, (July 2017 - Oct 2017) - Lisbon, Portugal.

Marriott Hotel Amsterdam, (Sep 2018 - Dec. 2018) - Amsterdam, Netherlands.


"with Optishower we can change costumer behaviour and reduce consumption"

Nuno Leandro
Hotel Manager Vila Gale Hotels (Lisbon)

Cost Prediction

"Optishower addresses a fundamental need:
how to save water, a scarce resource worldwide. Both developing and develop countries need to optimize their usage of water and Optishower has developed a solution that combines simple, autonomous (grid-free) hardware with gamification techniques in order to influence behavior permanently."

Pedro Falcao
Managing Partner at LC Ventures

Cost Prediction


Cost Prediction